Exclusive matchmaking services for highly successful Africans all over the world.
We take the guesswork out of finding your life partner by searching for ideal matches based on your personal preferences

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Chotayah is the leading African luxury matchmaking services in the UK. This upscale matchmaking service is specifically designed to help highly successful Africans find the one. Our clients include CEOs, Top Corporate Executives, Politicians, Celebrities, Captains of Industries, Royalty and Top Entrepreneurs located all over the world . We are very selective in who we take as clients and even more selective in whom we match them with.

Founded by African couple Ben and Chiddie Anyasodo – who are also both successful professionals living in the UK. Ben is a licensed Behavioural Change Expert/Therapist and a Research Scientist. Chiddie is a certified Matchmaker and Engineer. Ben and Chiddie have both worked with some of the world’s leading multinational corporations and so fully understand the relationship challenges that busy professionals face. Additionally, their years of professional experience mean you are in very capable hands on your match-finding journey.

“We’re both passionate about helping people achieve their deepest desires in order to lead a more fulfilling, meaningful, and happy life.

As an exclusively African matchmaking service, Chotayah is uniquely positioned to help our high flying clients the UK and beyond find personalized matches that actually line up with their unique preferences. Because we strive to be the best in the world at what we do, we only work with the best.

High-achieving, High-performing, and with the world as their playground, our clients are part of a select group of people where equals are few and far between. Their lives may be limitless, but the number of suitable partners they meet most certainly isn’t. We redress this imbalance and introduce them one to the other, selectively, seamlessly and discreetly.

We use our proprietary advanced algorithm to connect couples based on a wide variety of factors including their goals, hobbies, lifestyle, culture, and experience. We’ve specifically designed our high-end matchmaking service to cater to successful singles like you who understand the value of investing in their love life. Chotayah uses a winning combination of intuition and science to help you find your ideal match. We work with everyone individually, all services are customized and personalized to your unique situation.


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