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Chotayah’s professional matchmaking services are specifically designed to help Nigerians and Africans find their ideal life partners, based on personal preferences, culture, experience, and more. Drawing on our experience as matchmakers and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we’re able to help you finally find the one. This means helping you through some of the challenges busy professionals encounter while looking to date.

Our process is very discrete. We pass every match through a background check to verify every information given.


“One of my bestest pals just found his amazing heartbeat under 2 months. They have met, love struck and wedding bells soonest. Chotayah rocks. God bless you.

wow, you guys are so through. Everyone should work with you guys, it really is worth every penny. Thank you guys.

Dating and Relationship Coaching

Have you wondered why your relationships seem to operate similar patterns? Would you like to know how to put your best foot forward in a relationship? Have you ever wondered what the magic button is that could make your relationship an ideal one? Of course, you already know that just because you find the right one doesn’t mean you automatically have the ability to date or carry on a long-term relationship. 

This is often because of the different experiences people have been through in previous relationships or in life generally – and some of these experiences may not have been as positive. And since a relationship commitment requires serious interpersonal skills, a firm understanding of yourself becomes key. Through our dating and relationship coaching, you can gain more confidence in your ability to navigate serious relationships to further your love life, as well as master how to focus on what matters, while making most of the differences. 

Think about it, what would it be like for you when you realise that you can positively and effectively manage anything that arises in your relationship. How much peace of mind would you like to have when you realise that your ideal relationship is really possible and not just fantasy! Which means taking this step with us becomes an easy and natural decision for you right now.

“The coaching takes it up a notch to next level. Thank you so much guys, I have no idea how I would have done it without you. You have no idea how you have inspired me on this journey.

“the coaching helped me immensely in my personal life and self-rediscovery journey. I like that is structured and personalised. I really felt understood.


Behavioural Excellence & Psychotherapy

Everyone has a story, just as we all have things about us that we wish weren’t there. Usually, a lot of what limits us happened in childhood or at some significant point in our lives. It is common knowledge now that a lot of the issues people face in relationship – whether trust issues, obsessive behaviour, possessiveness, insecurities, feelings of inadequacy, controlling behaviours, aggression, victim mindset, and more – the reality is that these things don’t have to be. You probably already know that these issues run deep, and people don’t overcome them just by sheer willpower.

Ben, one of the founders of Chotayah Match, is a certified Psychotherapist and Behavioural change expert with years of experience helping patients uncover personal issues, break down obstacles, and work towards their goals. Whether you’re struggling with private, professional, or relationship-based problems, Chotayah Match can guide you through a process of acceptance and healing to help you overcome. Which means you can step into your relationship with the confidence that being in that relationship definitely makes your life experience better. Imagine that feeling of knowing that the things that hold you back now have zero hold on you. Imagine what freedom to be the best version of you feels like. Now imagine how quickly this can happen for you as you tap into this service that you get when you join Chotayah, trusting us with this.


“I engaged with Ben at a point in my life when I was struggling with leaving a toxic relationship and finding myself again. Our conversations and sessions that followed literally saved me. He took his time to change my orientation and mindset about how I see myself, my relationship with myself and other people.


“Ben helped me regain my sanity and showed me how to best handle and control my emotions.  Ben is the most kind, patient and understanding coach I have met. He helped me boost my self-esteem, manage my emotions and moved my one time chaotic home to a peaceful loving home. The best part of my journey with him is definitely the way I could hear and feel every of his words replaying in my heart as I go through my daily routines. I can’t tell how he did magic without a wand, the self-consciousness/awareness of my general being and how my body works is enormous!


Style and Image consulting

Let’s face it, we all know how quickly we conclude an opinion on someone based on their appearance. It is part of our biology and has evolutionary significance. What if your personal image can represent you accurately enough? You already know you deserve to look and feel your best…..especially on a first date! Backed up with research data, we know what works and so our expert team of style and image consultants can help you draw upon your own style and personality to create a look that’s unique and captivating. We’ll help you accomplish an appearance that attracts the type of person you want.

“I feel like I just discovered the real me. I’m loving this me. This is my best decision yet

Dating Concierge

Chotayah Match isn’t just a matchmaking service, we’re also a full-blown dating concierge. We go way above and beyond simply connecting you with ideal matches. Our team also organizes dates based on your personal preferences and personality in order to make the dating experience as intimate, meaningful, and memorable as possible. All you have to do is open your heart, and we’ll take care of the rest. Yes – we take away the stress from the experience.


“our wedding Introduction was brought forward.  He said he can’t wait.

Plans are on already. I’m excited.

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