Frequently Asked Questions

People like you.

Our singles are intelligent, articulate, attractive and financially sound African professionals who lead busy, happy and fulfilling lives. They join Chotayah to meet like-minded people in a discreet, professional and time efficient way.

Our clients are proactive people looking to meet someone on their level and wavelength for a lasting relationship. Some of them are not even Africans but they are seeking an African single to marry.

There are five main reasons clients join The One Matchmaking.

They are successful, professional, private individuals who don’t want to put their personal information on the internet for the world to see and they value the private, discrete nature of a Matchmaking service.

They are frustrated with online dating and are tired of wasting time, energy and Friday nights chatting with people they will never meet, or going on dates with matches who lie, cheat and aren’t looking for a serious and committed relationship.

They have struggled with dating in the past, may have been single for years, and know that hiring a Matchmaker and Dating Coach will help them improve their dating and selection process to finally find a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

They are often divorced and after being out of the dating scene for years, sometimes decades, they don’t know where to start dating again, or what they are even looking for in a partner.

They are busy individuals who simply don’t have the time or opportunity to meet suitable singles yet still desire someone to share their life with.

We respect and value your privacy as much as you do. We are discreet and we never share your information without your approval. We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and we vet every person we match you with. We require all our clients undergo a thorough background check. You are an exceptional single, we are your exclusive partner in finding love.
We are not an online dating website which means we do not have member’s profiles online, a search facility nor are clients able to contact one another directly until both parties have agreed they would like to be introduced. We offer a personal and bespoke service; we take care of all aspects from creating your personal profile, coordinating matches and following up after your introduction.

Yes we do. If you are not religious, we will also cater to your preference.

As soon as your profile is complete, expect your first match within a few weeks.
We sure hope so but we cannot make any guarantees because in affairs of the heart – there are no guarantees. Matchmaking is a very personal and intimate service and as we all know, two people may be perfect for each other on paper but their chemistry doesn’t work together. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that you will fall in love but what we can guarantee is that you will go on real dates, with real people, looking for a lasting, committed and loving relationship. In each membership agreement we guarantee you a set number of dates.
If you pay for the Concierge Package, Chotayah will do all the work. We will find your perfect match, coordinate your schedules, find the place that is right for both of you and we will even make the reservations. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your date. You will give us your feedback after the date to make sure we are on the right track.

Your dates depend on your profile and preferences. We will make sure your dates are compatible with your criteria and are with high quality individuals who meet your expectations. 

African Singles all over the world are welcome. 

After every date you will fill out a feedback form, let us know how your date went and what you feel about it. The feedback is a very important aspect of our process as it helps both you and us refine your dating criteria and matches.

If you didn’t like your date, we will happily provide them with your feedback so you don’t have to worry about letting them down easy. With our experience and tact, we can convey your feedback in a way that will help them learn from the process and improve their chances for the future.

If you liked your date and want to see them again, we will happily inform your date of the good news and if the feeling is mutual, we will share your contact details allowing you to take it from there. As a general rule, we expect the man to call the lady to arrange the second date.

Short answer – Yes.

Your safety is important to us. One of the biggest complaints about online dating sites is that they are filled with scammers, cheaters and liars.  One of the reasons this happens is there are usually no background checks being conducted by these platforms. We believe that investing in your love life, and a matchmaker, should come with a level of safety and security beyond internet dating. This is a key benefit of the service we provide and we do our best to reduce the risks for you. We therefore conduct a basic background screening on all members which includes passport and residency, criminal record, work history, marital status, basic genotype and health check.