Why You Need a List When Searching for a Spouse

Some months ago, I mentioned that I wrote a list to qualify my potential suitors when I was single, and many people found it offensive and shocking. They felt it indicated that I was difficult, vain or even playing God.  As a matchmaker and relationship coach, I come across many single people who still make […]

Discovering the Truth Behind the Existence of True Love

Does True Love Exist? For those who have been heartbroken, abused, and in toxic or negative relationships, it may be hard to believe that true love actually exists. We all know that one couple who posts flawless photos to Instagram detailing the reels and highlights of their passionate love life, but is it too good […]

How to Detox Your Mind and Heart to Start Dating Again

The Purpose of a Dating Detox Known as a “Dating Detox,” this method allows an individual to hit the pause button on all romantic connections so that they can get back to the core truth of who they are, as well as detach and let go of all the negative emotions that may have been […]